About us

At Desert Wind Sailboats, we race sailboats!

And not just any sailboats, we like like dinghy racing! We have a passion for hiking hard and going fast. We also love making other people better and raising the level of competition. Whether that is introducing someone who has never sailed to the sport or making someone with years of experience just a little faster...it doesn't matter. The more people on the water the better!

Our products are selected because we feel they are the best value in class. The value we look for is a combination of price, performance, endurance, ease of use, and usefulness. We're not just going to sell you a product...we're going to help you get the most out of it. We sell products we use, so we know them. We're excited about our product lines and are always willing to talk to you about your needs. The needs of dinghy sailors!

Rob Gibbs